29 December, 2012

A Poem..

The beginning of something new
The end of something true,
Excitement in the mind replete,
A new path to complete.

Some things must come to end
And always we must make amends.
Moving on in wary hope,
A new thing now with which to cope.

Wondering at how it works,
Haven’t figured out the quirks.
Lots to learn, and lots to give,
Starting now, this life to live

So much gone by overlooked
A sacrifice for passage booked.
The fast lane train, ahead is black
Now or never, not looking back.

Searching frantically for unlocked doors
Open one and close ten more,
Choosing right, the secret here
Just go with it, forget the fear.

So much opportunity,
So much room to spread my wings,
Close my eyes, just listening
To the sound of my new beginning

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