30 December, 2012

As the Holidays draw to a close I thought I would share some of the Pics of our 2012 Holidays:

The city tree

Our Festive doggy
Our Colour change tree

All of us 

Hope you all had a Happy Christmas

29 December, 2012

A Poem..

The beginning of something new
The end of something true,
Excitement in the mind replete,
A new path to complete.

Some things must come to end
And always we must make amends.
Moving on in wary hope,
A new thing now with which to cope.

Wondering at how it works,
Haven’t figured out the quirks.
Lots to learn, and lots to give,
Starting now, this life to live

So much gone by overlooked
A sacrifice for passage booked.
The fast lane train, ahead is black
Now or never, not looking back.

Searching frantically for unlocked doors
Open one and close ten more,
Choosing right, the secret here
Just go with it, forget the fear.

So much opportunity,
So much room to spread my wings,
Close my eyes, just listening
To the sound of my new beginning

Super Sarcastic Secret Lasagna Recipe

Preheat oven to 350.

Sauce the bottom of a lasagna pan (which sauce is up to you, how much is up to you)
Add some shredded cheese (6 Italian cheese or Mozzarella, how much is up to you) add some garlic salt and onion powder and set aside.

Cook Lasagna noodles as per directions on the box, when cooked place in colander and rinse with cool water (this avoids sticking but more important it avoids burning your fingers)

If you  do low carbs replace the noodles with either zucchini or eggplant.

Mix ricotta cheese about 2 large tubs or more(How much is up to you) and 2 or more eggs (more cheese means more eggs)  add 6 Italian cheese or Mozzarella (How much is up to you)  Make sure eggs have mixed well.

Place one layer of noodles in pan (how many is up to you)  

Now take some chicken breasts (how many is up to you) grind them up and add salt pepper and Italian bread crumbs (how much is up to you)  and loads of garlic! Mix well.

If you don't eat meat replace it with tofu.

Layer the mixture over the noodles(add as little or as much as you want) 
Dollop some sauce over the chicken,add another layer of  noodles.

Add  layer of the ricotta cheese mix, and top with noodles.

Keep Alternating layers until there is no more room and the pan is near overflowing.

Top off with sauce and mozzarella and shredded cheddar(or Swiss or any cheese you like it's up to you), place in oven and cook for 45 minutes or until the cheese has melted and become gooey and slightly brown at the edges.

Eat up...

28 December, 2012

Observations of Disney World Part 2

Having made that list and checked it thrice, you check the web and what to your wondering eyes should appear but MORE choices for you!

Accommodations, these are most important, will you stay on or off grounds?
The best way to enjoy  Disney World (IMHO) is to stay on grounds, as there is free transport to all the Disney attractions, they also offer some fun activities, and when traveling with kiddies (be they 2 or 22) it's always nice to have diversions.

Keep in mind that exhaustion can set in relatively quickly after a day of walking around any of the parks and having the luxury of letting someone else do the driving is wonderful, and when you are on grounds most hotels are less than 10-15 minuets ride.

Again choosing a hotel depends upon your finances.  

The least expensive way I have found to enjoy  Walt Disney World Resort has been via a package deal though Disney. Going via their website allows you to compare prices of hotels, and all the services and perks for your package.

The Magic your Way is GREAT!

Package deals offer various dinning and ticket opptions (ie park hopper passes, park hopper with water parks (and DisneyQuest)   Quick service Meals,  Full Dinning ect)

The choice is yours, keep in mind while in the long it is less expensive, in the short run YIKES!  But the good thing is you can pay off the vacation when you book through Disney, as long as you are paid up 30 days in advance AND you also have the option of checking into your hotel 10 days before, so that when you arrive your room is ready!

Check out  the website @ disneyparks.disney.go.com

The site is great for all Disney Vacation needs, from the planning to the reservations, you can even check out the restaurants before you go, make dinning reservations and get the latest park news! (WOW I sound like an advert, I'm not)

If you chose to stay on grounds, the hotels are broken down by price, and by what park they are near:

Example : The Grand Floridan , Polynesian and Contemporary and Fort Wilderness are Classified as "Magic Kingdom" Resorts as this is the park that is nearest (either by Monorail or boat or even walking!)

Among my favourite Disney Hotels are : 
The Contemporary: $$$$$
 I love this A-frame Monorail house (as I used to call it) I have stayed here twice, I regret not taking an upgrade to the tower when I had the chance, if you can stay HERE (again finance permitting) The views are spectacular, especially of The Magic Kingdom! (and it's just 1 Monorail stop away, or a short walk.  

Port Orleans: $$$$
It has that New Orleans feel to it, and my stay here was quite enjoyable

Fort Wilderness: $$$

I have yet to stay here but I have visited the camp grounds on many occasions and this is an amazing place, with three restaurants (The Hoop-De-Doo Review and Mickey's Back Yard BBQ being the "Show" restaurants as it were).  You can rent cabins that will fit the entire family (which is a more costly option) or for less you can reserve a camp site. There is plenty to see and do here for children of all ages.

The All Start Resorts: (Movies, Sports, Music) $$

Take your pick of a theme here,I have stayed at all three! These are some of the most fun resorts, with lots to do for the kids,  the specially themed heated pools are fantastic! Down side here is that these hotels tens to be loud, as it seems to be the preferred hotels for high school trips, and families with screaming uh I mean small children.

The Pop Century:$$
 This is my all time favourite, I stayed here three times, each decade has it's own theme from the buildings to the pools. Again lots to see and do for people of all ages, and it is now connected via car park and bridge (that you walk over) to the new Art of Animation (which I have explored but not stayed at.) looks amazing, my only complaint is with so many wonderful movies to chose from why just the few they chose. (The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Cars, and The Lion King) Hopefully they will add more, personally I would love to see a Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast, or even a Robin Hood theme.

Though most hotels have room service, the  All Star Resorts, Pop Century and Art of Animation offer Pizza Delivery (AWESOME Pizza in my Opinion (there are other items on the menu as well)) As with anything Disney there is a price..

If you chose to stay off grounds there are several hotels that offer transport to the parks, not sure if they offer Downtown Disney (A shopaholics paradise!). 

International Drive is a good place to look for hotels, they have reasonable rates and some overpriced, but it is worth the look as they are fairly close as well.  There are two on the property that are not Disney Owned. The Swan & Dolphin, both are nice and a little on the pricey side.

Now you must decide on mode of transport, obviously for far off visitors it's a plane choice, for those not so far off perhaps a train, for for those even closer ROAD TRIP!

More to come:

Super-sweet girl fed the homeless on Xmas as tribute to dead dad

Super-sweet girl fed the homeless on Xmas as tribute to dead dad

The parents did something right here, if only more parents could teach their children these values, maybe the world won't not be in the state it is.

Give a cow some beer, get some good-tasting beef

Give a cow some beer, get some good-tasting beef

Interesting article, I highly recommend it.. (um the read not the beer (lol) Though Beer sounds good about now.

09 December, 2012

Work Day Grey

Xs in boxes that is my job,
Its a dishwater drab,  gun metal grey
Utterly boring work day

Ps and Fs in boxes too
That's all there is to it
Not much to do

Speeds and percentages
That's in there too
still not thrilling, but what can you do.

Nothing is perfect that's what they say
it's a dull job but at least I get paid.