08 November, 2013

Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Official Trailer (SPOILERS!!!)


01 October, 2013

Sick Day

Came home from work yesterday (around lunch time) feeling poorly, took a shower and lay down.. 2 1/2 hours later I wake up, feeling slightly better...

Fast forward to this morning at some ungodly hour, up feeling poorly again, feels like the flu..

Haven't had much sleep, have decided today will be a sick day..


I shall get ready and go  to work, because I do not get paid sick days.. hence a Sick day for me, is feeling poorly having a fever and yet going to work any way i.e going to work sick.

So for those of you in the same position, remember we all get Sick Days, it's just a matter of prospective...
(and weaker than usual pay)

05 September, 2013

Age = Wisdom???, Age = Maturity???? Age Exact what does it equal?

When you are a child you are told to trust your elders, because they are wise, and when your a child you are told that "Maturity" comes with age..  OK so yes physical maturity comes with age, but from my point a of view that's about it.

People seldom change from High School, once a bully always a bully, once a superior attitude always that attitude.

Lets just say that my daughter is having a tough time in college, she attends classes as night, and supposedly the students are more mature..   Not from where I am standing.

I have to stand back and let her sink or swim on her own,  but I don't like when others do the sinking for her.

For god sake people truly grow up, the words you say out of frustration can be more hurtful and harmful to someone than if you took a knife to them, emotional scars take much longer to heal, and sometimes never do.

The first time someone you think is a friend betrays a trust is a terrible thing, but when it is repeated, the consequences are seldom thought about.

No she has never done drugs, smoked or drank, she has not slept around, she is basically a good kid, and being taunted for that is nonsense. Life experience is more than just sex, drugs and drink.

You are all at the college to learn and improve on your skills, because someone is slower than you  doesn't mean they don't belong, perhaps it means they are nervous or have never done this before.

Where these people always so perfect at everything they did? Was there never a time they felt shy, awkward, out of place or overwhelmed by a task? Was there a time where they were discouraged by the very team that was meant to support them??

Remember what that felt like, remember that no matter how hard parent or other relative tried to show you how good you are, it just didn't matter because a group told you otherwise.

Imagine the pain you caused, oh wait you can't because you don't care, if you did, you would have helped instead of making hurtful remarks.

Life is not always easy, and if this class is easy for you I am sure there will be things in the future that will not be. I only hope that someone will be there JUST LIKE YOU to make you feel like you made daughter feel.

27 August, 2013

After and Before



23 August, 2013

Calling All Zombies (And the Living Who Play Them)

Calling All Zombies (And the Living Who Play Them): The producers of 'I Am Alone' are looking for you and all your friends to report to Centennial Plaza this Saturday morning, to play like you’re undead.

18 July, 2013

Hooray for Jux

It was a sad day for me a few months ago when Jux announced they were closing. Having developed a passion for photography I loved how the site allowed creativity to flow. That's not to say that Blogger doesn't do the same thing, but in my case I prefer the ease of use and the layout (at least for photography)

I happy to say that I found out today that Jux is here to stay and I am thrilled!

So pop on over and take a gander at my site:


04 June, 2013

20 Random Things About Me

(Bonus 21. I was once told by an agent at the IRS that my  job title was really cool, and asked what I did. My title "Geek Squad Guidance Engineer"

20. I have worked for my current employer longer than any prior employer,however I do not have the same job as when I started.

19.  Marmite is EVIL!

18. I make the worlds best Lasagna!

17. I have been to Walt Disney World on vacation for longer than 5 days at least 4 times.

16. While in Orlando at WDW I spend a good part of the time in EPCOT at the British Pavilion (I am home sick and miss London  very much)

15. My father was the inspiration for a local Italian market's logo/mascot.

14. I will not grow old gracefully I will go kicking and screaming!

13. I am terrified of hights

12. The questions I was most asked about my children when they were small "Are they twins" and "are they identical" .

11 The answers to 12 are Yes they are twins, and No they are not identical (how could they be they are different sexes (so much for common sense)

10. When I was growing up in New York my mother owned a blue  white canvas top (not a convertible)  Mustang , I loved that car, the license plate read   321 MHN. I had the original plate and gas cap for years after my mum sold it

9. Had things been different I would have 3 children instead of 2.

8. The songs "Book Ends" By Simon and Garfunkel, and "Into The West" by Annie Lennox, always make me cry

7.  Sometimes I get caught up in memories of the past both good and bad.

6.  Hicksville is a real place, in Nassau County,  Town of Oyster Bay, on Long Island New York, 11801

5. My best friend is a guy, and he is rather tall, I am only 5 feet tall.

4. I have a thing for men who are extremely intelligent, charming, sarcastic and know about British Humor and have  blue/grey eyes.

3. My first word was bird I said it I was just about 6 months old, and some say I haven't shut up since.

2. I have an irrational fear of death, dying and anything to do with that. Yet I worked in a hospital emergency ward, and trained to be an EMT/ Paramedic.

1. I am a Geeky Anglophile .

26 May, 2013

Farewell to Jux

Jux is closing on August 31st 2013.. This is sad news indeed, I loved Jux, it was the perfect showcase for  all sorts of creative and artistic endeavors. I chose it to show case my photography, serious, artistic and just random. That's not to say I don't enjoy it here, I do , but for me it's more a conversation blog or useful information, or place to showcase useless trivia or even my oddball and totally random thoughts and poetry.  I may post a few of my photos here, but it's unlikely this will be the showcase for all of them.. So watch this space for a shameless plug for the new photo blog, where ever that may be.